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Red Air SUP 10'8" Cali

Red Air SUP 10'8

Bic Kayak - Ouassou

Bic Kayak - Ouassou


The Ouassou Kayak is designed as a versatile, fun kayak with a wide range of use. With its excellent glide, control and maneuverability, the Ouassou is ideal for beach fun. The stern handles let you hang on and swim and allow easy access on board. The Ouassou also handles surf and waves comfortably. The ‘spatula’ shaped hull is derived from surf longboards and rodeo kayaks. It’s quick and responsive. The slight keel and lateral rail design provide directional stability and excellent tracking. The Ouassou’s optional knee-strap system also allows you to secure your body to the cockpit when you are looking for greater control in waves or whitewater. Its compact form and light weight make this a kayak that is easy to maneuver, transport and store.
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Bic Kayak - Bilbao

Bic Kayak - Bilbao


The BIC Bilabo kayak is a versatile kayak suitable for beginners and experienced kayakers alike. The quality of this kayaks design makes it adaptable to many activities weather you are using it for exploring, diving, sport or just a quick paddle with the kids.

The BIC Bilabo has a fluid hull shape providing a nice smooth ride. The deck shape and quality extras on this BIC kayak allow you to carry almost any load with optimum safety and stability.
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Bic Surfboard 6'7" Shortboard

Bic Surfboard 6'7


The versatile Pocket Rocket is renowned as the ideal first surfboard for grommets as much as it regarded as an excellent small-wave board for accomplished surfers of approximately 45-70kg. Truly reflecting its name, the Pocket Rocket is a dynamo that offers the stability and buoyancy of a longboard with the manoeuvrability of a shortboard packing a lot of volume into its short length. The secret is its short, fat design that incorporates a wide nose and tail, allowing the Pocket Rocket to catch waves early for a board of its size. While suitable for small children just starting out, it nonetheless packs a punch when ridden by a more experienced surfer.
ACS Surfboards: Light but very solid boards easy to ride for intermediate level riders
When you learn to surf, there are three key elements that help you enjoy the experience of those first waves :
1. A shape well-adapted to beginners and easy progression
2. A strong, hard-wearing board that won’t be easily damaged
3. A quality board at a reasonable price
Bics ACS board range gives beginner and intermediate surfers the advantage of a tough, easy board at a budget price.

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Circle One Stand Up Padlleboard Paddle

Circle One Stand Up Padlleboard Paddle


Aluminium Alloy shaft and Nylon bladed paddle for Stand Up Paddle Board.

Stiff alloy shaft with ergonomic moulded T piece handle for